Extreme People Watching

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Top Date Idea: Extreme People Watching

Like to spy on people?  Let’s push the limits…because that’s what men do. Here’s how it works:

The Concept

You will be putting into practice your stealth, agility, and outgoing nature by secretly taking photos of strangers with your date. Sounds odd? Keep reading.

You’ll Need:

  • Disposable Camera


  • $30.00
  • 2-3 Hours

Our Two Step Process

Because men don’t need more steps.

Step 1

In advance, purchase one disposable camera. You’ll want to think ahead on this one and plan it during a outdoor fair, festival, or car show. Some place with lots of people. You’ll have to take the lead here and explain that you have a date planned: Extreme People Watching. As you walk around, quickly snap some random shots of people that look interesting. It may help if you position each other in front of the camera, but take pictures of the person behind you. You’ll have to be crafty and sneaky. It helps set the mood if you whisper. You’ll also need to pull out your outgoing nature and confidence to pull this off- great man qualities. (Hint: Don’t forget to use mirrors and corner shots.)

Step 2

After you have finished with your photos, go to one of those one-hour developing places. While you wait, shop around the store, share stories of your favorite times, etc. After the photos are developed, turn them over and start making up stories of the people you captured. Be creative. You and your date will not only have the adrenaline from the risk of getting caught, but also the laughs of fabricating some great stories of the people you’ll never meet again. (Hint: Save these photos – they make a great second date a few months down the road.)

Here Is What We Did

Boys, become Men following examples like this.

After we got our disposable cameras, we snuck downtown at the local outdoor festival.   After a few photos of random folks and statues, we headed to the store to develop – but still had a few photos left over.  So we snuck photos of people down the aisle. Whahaha. The next day we had lunch and reviewed all of our celebrities and wrote them great stories. This is when my wife and I were dating, so we split the photos into two piles and each kept half. After we were married, we joined them back together and had some great laughs. If you want to pull off a romantic future date – save your photos.

Here is an image and a story: “Tex” Brown not only served in WWII as an Air Force pilot, but also opened a gun shooting school for women. She was great friends with Rosie the Riveter. Her pastimes included horse racing and hunting. She and her family of 12 resided in Dallas, Texas until she was forced to flee to central Florida for reasons unknown. “Tex” lived a long life of 43 years. (Hint: Don’t expect the best quality from a disposable camera).Tex

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