Be a Man with these Top Date Ideas for Men

The Category List Area for Men!

We’ve arranged ideas into groups because men don’t have time to waist on silly things like sorting, examining, and pursuing list items.

So what, you want a woman…or better yet, you got one? Learn what separate the boys from the men with these top date ideas. Note: some of the ideas are for women too…but it won’t hurt you to learn what’s happening when you’re not around. Just use your man brain and read what you want to read.

Outdoor Ideas

A list of some great outdoor date ideas for you to conquer together.

Inside Ideas

Afraid of the bugs? These indoor ideas will be extraordinary.

Low Cost Ideas

You on a budget? Who isn’t. You can still be a man while saving money.

Romantic Ideas

Lot’s of romantic ideas to woo your woman and be a man…you can do it.

Win a Woman

You want to begin and win all over a relationship? Read these 10 steps!

TOP 10 Ideas

Take a look at our top 10 ideas – sure fire way to please the ladies.