75 Tips to Be a Man

Tips for you to Be a Man!

Boys, become men by applying these tips to your life.

Tips 1-25

  • Tip 01 A man can think, and then overcome that thought if he doesn’t like it.
  • Tip 02 A man always carries some cash, because cash is king.
  • Tip 03 A man can dance when it is required or to impress.
  • Tip 04 A man can apologize and show humility in order to teach humility.
  • Tip 05 A man doesn’t have to know everything. He chooses to know what he wants to know…then he learns that.
  • Tip 06. A man can look into the sky and tell you what time it is – rain or shine.
  • Tip 07. A man is a human compass. He can tell north by the sun, the stars, and moss on a tree.
  • Tip 08. A man should always drive, no matter the distance. That way he can leave whenever he wants.
  • Tip 09. A man can act proper while he enjoys good company. He can also leave that good company with no feelings of guilt.
  • Tip 10. A man enjoys being alone. He can also avoid the label: loner.
  • Tip 11. A man can persuade the other to his opinion, even if he is wrong. But he isn’t, because you’ve been persuaded.
  • Tip 12. A man knows how and when to use a galvanized nail.
  • Tip 13. A man can fix small-medium things around the house.
  • Tip 14. A man can’t remember the last time he didn’t open a door for a lady.
  • Tip 15. A man may be wrong, but he is never in doubt.
  • Tip 16. A man can order a drink in a bar, a fancy restaurant, or in a gentleman’s lounge and not look foolish.
  • Tip 17. A man doesn’t point out when he succeeds, it should happen so regularly that it becomes his normal routine.
  • Tip 18. “Why clean a grill?” Is a man’s thought. “The fire will burn off anything left over not meant to eat.”
  • Tip 19. When a man gains knowledge he educates his brother, but not in a pious way.
  • Tip 20. A man believes he can take down a zombie, whether or not zombies are real isn’t the point.
  • Tip 21. A boy always has a quick one liner ready. A man can practice discretion.
  • Tip 22. A man can drive at night, in the rain, and with road construction and not loose speed.
  • Tip 23. When a man gets stumped, he thinks to himself, “Self, what would a man do?” Then he does that.
  • Tip 24. A man doesn’t scream. He yells, but only during battle.
  • Tip 25. A man doesn’t seek the approval of others…other’s approval seeks him.

Rest Your Brain… Now Carry On

These tips will not only help you be a man…but be a good one.

Tips 26-50

  • Tip 26. A man doesn’t say things like: “I got to tweet that.”
  • Tip 27. A man won’t waste his or others time with weakness.
  • Tip 28. A man enjoys the feeling that the crackle of a roach or spider being crushed beneath his hand brings.
  • Tip 29. A man doesn’t cry when things are quote: “beautiful,” “romantic,” or other such feminine words.
  • Tip 30. A man doesn’t copy others material. He changes it to the better or gives the previous man credit.
  • Tip 31. A man only uses the words he needs to. No more, no less.
  • Tip 32. A man lives without understanding concepts like defeat, failure, and last place.
  • Tip 33. A man won’t let pride be his defeat. His defeat will most likely come from a martyr’s death.
  • Tip 34. A single man used old spice body wash (one item). A married man uses bar soap and shampoo on sale (two items).
  • Tip 35. A man doesn’t wear glitter. It was man’s worst invention.
  • Tip 36. If a man thinks he looks like crap, he’s probably right. It’s okay.
  • Tip 37. A man doesn’t wear a jacket inside, unless it’s a suit jacket.
  • Tip 38. A man’s hands should be dirty at least 20% of his life.
  • Tip 39. A man doesn’t grow & nurture plants that don’t produce food.
  • Tip 40. A man’s bucket list is a diesel truck, period.
  • Tip 41. In a man’s life, failure is valuable because it’s that rare.
  • Tip 42. A man doesn’t use direction, he improves them.
  • Tip 43. A man doesn’t have a lawn company service his home. That’s crap.
  • Tip 44. A man doesn’t buy a blazer. He makes one out of an old suit jacket that he damaged the pants to during a fight.
  • Tip 45. A man’s native tongue is powerful words.
  • Tip 46. In a man’s home, there are not any old pizza boxes.
  • Tip 47 A boy practices until he gets it right, a man practices until he doesn’t get it wrong.
  • Tip 48. A man knows 2 languages. One may include body language.
  • Tip 49. When a man doesn’t want to do something, he thinks when his dad said, “It will put hair on your chest.” Then he does it.
  • Tip 50. A man should never use the phrase: “I let my self go.”

You think it’s tough for you? We wrote them.

The next round is waiting. If you need to come back because you’re working hard on the ones above. I accept.

Tips 51-75

  • Tip 51. Ever been like, “Woah!?” That’s the effect a man’s respect has on a woman.
  • Tip 52. A man doesn’t worry about things like being admired. It comes to him naturally.
  • Tip 53. If you’re a man, and you meet a man, the respect is instantly mutual.
  • Tip 54. When a man speaks, it becomes law. Then he never breaks that law.
  • Tip 55. A man has a vision, and doesn’t let fairy tail dreams get in the way of that vision.
  • Tip 56. A man can hold a conversation for 10 minutes and rattle through at least 5 current affairs.
  • Tip 57. A man runs into problems fist first and punches them right in the face.
  • Tip 58. If a man has a fault, he acknowledges and fixes it.
  • Tip 59. A man doesn’t snicker or giggle.
  • Tip 60. A man is 95% perfect. It’s a trait we are born with.
  • Tip 61. A man is focused. Whatever it is that is occupying his mind, he can remain focused.
  • Tip 62. A man believes Rome could have been built in a day if he was there.
  • Tip 63. If a man starts a task, it will be finished. No halfway garbage.
  • Tip 64. A man doesn’t get distracted with thoughts of insecurity. He can persevere.
  • Tip 65. If a man talks to himself, usually the conversations are short and direct…like “You’re awesome!”
  • Tip 66. A man is efficient. He prioritizes the greatest things first.
  • Tip 67. A man carries a pocket knife and uses it at least once a week.
  • Tip 68. A man sits down with his little girls and can play their games…any time.
  • Tip 69. A man teaches his little boys how to respect firearms, how to chamber a round, and other necessary respectful techniques to weaponry.
  • Tip 70. A man paints his face for war, hunting, and sports. It’s not called make-up.
  • Tip 71. A man can always open a bottle or jar.
  • Tip 72. A man once punched a bear in the face. Have you? Chop chop, boy.
  • Tip 73. A man kills hornets and bees with his bare hands.
  • Tip 74. When a man says, “Oh…that was my first car.” He is not embarrassed.
  • Tip 75. The game Burnout has taught a man how to have the most damage in a high speed chase, and to avoid accidents.