Google Roulette

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Top Date Idea: Google Roulette.

Does anything sound more exciting than this..anything?

The Concept

Roll the dice..spin the wheel, what will the Google Roulette turn out for you tonight?

You’ll Need:

  • Sense of Adventure
  • Some Cash


  • $50.00
  • 4 Hours

Our Recomendation

Just because we did it doesn’t mean you have to.

The Google Roulette Spin

Want to live on the edge? Grab your date and make a game for you two to play.  Have her pick out two action verbs, two cities within 15 minutes, and two food items.  You do the same.  Take your options and randomly, or purposefully link the three together.

You’ll have something like “running tacos Washington, D.C.”, or “flying pizza Orlando.”  Type your phrase into google and pick the best option within the top three results. Now you have four date ideas for the week.  How about that!


Once you have your four ideas from the Google roulette search wheel, pick the one that sounds the best. You may have to play rock paper scissors.  Another fun date activity to add to your wheelhouse.  Make your plans, grab some cash, and head out to your date.  Make sure you document this with your camera phone or something. You’ll want to remember this and the story behind the stressful, adventurous, daring, etc. you name it, this could be your date for the month…or the end of your dating for the month.

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