Strip Monopoly

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Top Date Idea: Strip Monopoly!

Any board game will do.  Enjoy!

The Concept

Use your imagination. You’ll figure it out…

You’ll Need:

  • A Board Game
  • Some Clothes On


  • $0.00
  • 2 Hours

Our Two Step Process

Because men don’t need more steps.

Step 1

First, check to see if you are married. Are you? Then continue on. If you are not, then this post isn’t for you. This post is for a man who is married, not a boy taking what isn’t his. It doesn’t have to be monopoly, it can be any board game. But Monopoly works pretty good for this. So get some clothes on and get the game ready.

Step 2

Begin Playing. Now, unlike strip poker, or other similar games where the loser loses clothes, we’re going to change the dynamic. The winner loses cloths. Every time you purchase a property, an article of clothing gets removed. After about 6-8 bought properties/player, you’ll completely forget about that board game…even if it is monopoly!

Did You Do This Idea?

What game did you play and how? Post it below and we’ll consider using it as an example!

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