Date Everywhere Date Idea

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Top Date Idea: Date Everywhere

Ladies, make a date anywhere you go. Be creative and make memories.


The Concept

Maybe you’re on a bad date, taking the night off, or being wined and dined; enjoy adding uniqueness to your date with these simple ideas.

You’ll Need:

  • Creativity
  • Old memories


  • $35.00
  • 1-3 Hours

Our Three Step Process

Because we women can handle more steps.

Step 1

Include your date in an activity you enjoy. Let’s take shopping for instance, ok maybe not a trip to the mall. But, what about spending a morning at a local flea market or antique market?

It is a fun way to reminisce about things from your past and learn some things about your date.  An old cookie jar, just like the one that used to sit on Grandma’s kitchen counter, can bring up a fun story from your childhood. An old toy can revive a funny memory with your siblings.  It is a great way to get to know more about each other.

Step 2

Do you like to cook? Try out a new recipe on your date. Plan a dinner party and invite another couple with whom you like to spend time.

Sports: Fishing, tennis, golf, biking, sailing…

If you have a favorite activity, it will be nice to spend your life with someone that enjoys the same thing.  Now is the time to find out if you enjoy it together.

Dinner and a movie can always be fun, as long as it isn’t the standard thing you do every Saturday night.  Be creative and have FUN! – find one outside – like a movie on the lawn in an outdoor park.

Step 3

The point is, everywhere you go you can find reasons to make extra memories and find out more about your man. Now – don’t go buying every old cookie jar you find (he won’t like that). But keep your eyes open to use what is around you to spark conversations and find out more about each other. You’ll also enjoy a great time down memory lane yourself.

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