Be a Man and Dance

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Top Date Idea: Dancing

You will be out of your element…but it’s okay, you’re a man. You can do this. Here’s how it works:

The Concept

You will be dancing. You will be doing it for your woman. So be a man and dance. The reward will be worth it.

You’ll Need:

  • Self Motivating Skills


  • $0.00
  • 1 Hour

Our Two Step Process

Because men don’t need more steps.

Step 1

We are going to make this easy for you guys. Start looking now. Anywhere you live, there is some type of ballroom dancing going on. Usually at a senior citizen center.  But that is okay, because the older generation loves to teach the younger generation how to dance.  I have not once had to pay for a dancing lesson.  A new studio will open up offering a 30 min class. A town hall will have swing one night.  You get the idea? So step one is you go dancing. You stick your chest out, get some flowers, and take your date dancing. You don’t even understand how well this works in the “romance” area for women. (Hint: A man can dance when it is required or to impress…you will be impressing this time)

Step 2

After you are done dancing be prepared to hear this: “We have to do that again sometime.” You should be prepared with one of two answers:

  • “That’s a great idea, I actually grabbed a pamphlet on the way out.” (A man always knows his surroundings)
  • “That’s a great idea, but dancing made me hungry. Do you want to grab something to eat?” (subject change)

Here Is What We Did

Boys, become Men following examples like this.

I took my date to a local studio that opened in the mall. It was free!  She loves salsa, so I had them teach us in that. After about 30 minutes of dancing and a 5 minute sales pitch, we headed to a bookstore.  She loves books. When you’re a man, you can prioritize. And when you are on a date, you are prioritizing her needs before yours. This will melt a woman in your hands.

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