Flea Market Date Idea

$20-$50, For Men, For Women, Low Cost, Matt, Ohio, Outdoor

Top Date Idea: Flea Market.

You haven’t lived until you’ve purchased a knife, car parts, necklace and roses in the same place.

The Concept

You’ll be taking your date to the flea market, enjoying the afternoon, and avoiding tetanus.

You’ll Need:

  • Few bucks
  • Walking shoes
  • Casual light clothes


  • $40.00
  • 3 Hours

Our Recomendation

Just because we did it doesn’t mean you have to.

The Flea Market

Ever been to the flea market on a date? If the answer is no, you’re doing okay.  If the answer is yes…well, hopefully it was in Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market, Ohio.  You can find any real market anywhere you live to take a date.  This is great for being on a budget.  You could even combine this top date idea up with for the slow day. But if you find yourself in Ohio, the Springfield antique show takes the cake – it’s even been featured on CNN.  So go ahead, take a risk.


Any type of outdoor show like this is a great date idea. You could go to a swap meet, tractor show, car show, etc.  bring a little spending money for that random pair of earrings your date can’t live without, and you’ll have a blast. This is a great date idea that could easily be combined with extreme people watching! If you really want to do things right, look up where you are going ahead of time and know the good places to eat and how much it costs.  Does your date have some type of flannel pattern/ cowgirl shirt? Have her wear that for some added spice..  Haha

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